Career Planning

Planning your Future!

When considering your career options, you may want to ask yourself:

What type of job will make me feel happy and fulfilled?
What type of physical demands will I face in the workplace?
Will my bleeding disorder affect my career choice?
Haemophilia Career Planning
Consider your body when choosing a job

Think About Your Body

Will the type of work you do place stress on your joints or body? Is the potential for injury great? What is the likelihood of creating a target joint or making one you have worse? Think about how you will move your body to complete your daily tasks. Will you be sitting at a desk or standing all day?

You may also want to consider how the amount of physical activity you do at work will affect your time outside of work. If you have a very active job, you may feel tired or feel strained when you’re not at work. Think about the activities you enjoy in your free time. Will your job interfere with your being physically able to participate in these activities?

Consider Job Benefits

When evaluating a particular job, consider the benefits offered. These could include:
Salary / Wages
Medical Aid
Pension / Retirement Plan
Career growth

Important: If you do end up working in a job that offers medical aid, you cannot be denied coverage based on the high treatment costs of your bleeding disorder.

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Work Settings

For people with Haemophilia and other bleeding disorders, the physical work environment can be a help or hindrance and can greatly impact overall quality of life.