It is with great sadness that we share with you the unexpected passing this evening 16 January 2019 at around 20:30 pm local South African time the passing of Judy Butler.

Judy will be remembered for her complete dedication, commitment, drive and love for the Bleeding Disorders community in SA and across the world. She was a behind-the-scene doer, always availing herself.

She was involved with SAHF for nearly 50 years. Having traveled to SA as she had heard that her son could get treatment in SA. The family settled in Cape Town.

She was a great example of a volunteer and mother advocating for her son and PwBD and shared her knowledge and enthusiasm with the community and any-one who would listen.

Having worked at the University of Cape Town as a Personal Assistant to the Head of Department of Medicine, she had an extensive network that benefited SAHF.

SAHF tried to find a suitable candidate Operations Manager. When Judy retired “we baited and convinced her” and she accepted. The rest is history….

Judy will be profoundly missed. Whilst in her hospital bed this week she was giving instructions and reminding us of the meeting later this month whilst we requested her to rest. In her selfless commitment she would want us to “carry on with what needs to be done”….

Spare a moment and a pray for this dedicated soul to our cause and to her family as we share our condolences and prepare for her arrangements with her family.

May Judy rest in peace and be assured that we will continue her good work.

Your Sincerely,
Sent on behalf of SAHF
MASAC Chairman Dr Yagalen Naidoo
SAHF Chairman Bradley Rayner