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Our Mission | Our Vision

Founded in 1970 The South African Haemophilia Foundation is a national non-profit organisation and a member of the World Federation of Hemophilia that assists in treatment, education, advocacy and research for the bleeding disorders community.

The vision of The South African Haemophilia Foundation is to improve and sustain the care and quality of life for all people living with a bleeding disorder. By removing barriers to diagnosis and treatment we can ensure that all people living with a bleeding disorder can have access to world-class care and recognition of their condition.

  • To PROVIDE FELLOWSHIP AND LEADERSHIP for people with bleeding disorders, their families and those concerned in their health and welfare
  • To Improve AWARENESS AND EDUCATION of bleeding disorders and related medical conditions
  • To PROMOTE the interests of people with bleeding disorders
  • To, where possible and within the means of the Foundation, FINANCIALLY ASSIST people with bleeding disorders needing such assistance
  • To strive to facilitate ADEQUATE TREATMENT FACILITIES and access to safe products for the treatment of bleeding disorders at the best financial dispensation possible
  • To RENDER ITS SERVICES in the Republic of South Africa

South African Statistics

Population (2019): 58,558,270

Current estimates on the prevalence at birth of Haemophilia patients are:

  • 24.6/100,000 males for ALL hemophilia A
  • 5.0/100,000 males for ALL hemophilia B
Source: WFH Annual Global Survey 2019

Facts about Haemophilia and related bleeding disorders


People with Haemophilia A Diagnosed


People with Haemophilia A Undiagnosed


People with Haemophilia B Diagnosed


People with Haemophilia B Undiagnosed

The prevalence of Von Willebrand Disease (VWD) presenting with bleeding symptoms to primary care physicians appears to be approximately 1 in 1,000


People with Von Willebrand Diagnosed


People with Von Willebrand Undiagnosed

Source: Von Willebrand Disease: An Introduction for the Primary Care Physician (Treatment of Hemophilia • David Lillicrap • Paula James • January 2009 • No 47)

Patient outreach and identification is a key activity for the SAHF. While there are many people around South Africa who have been diagnosed with a bleeding disorder, there are thousands more who have a bleeding disorder, but aren’t aware of the nature of condition, and are suffering needlessly.

Patient outreach and identification is about finding individuals with Haemophilia or other bleeding disorders—including von Willebrand disease—who have not yet been diagnosed, or whose health needs are not being met by healthcare services. These patients can be found through awareness-raising campaigns and educational activities.

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